General News + Update on Outcast, Book Three of The Soulforger Chronicles

News on the next book in The Soulforger Chronicles and what to expect in the near future from author Jericho/J.S. Wayne!

A Few Words on Failure: #PitMad After-Action Report 6 Sep 19

It's half-past midnight and I should be in bed. Instead, I'm listening to the new cat Mouse acquired chasing a toy which involves a ping-pong ball on a plastic track in the bathroom and considering my next moves. Yesterday was the third-quarter edition of Pitch Madness on Twitter. Like so many hopeful authors of all … Continue reading A Few Words on Failure: #PitMad After-Action Report 6 Sep 19

#MasturbationMonday: Denial of Service

Good evening, little one. Melissa's breath caught as the chat window opened. After half an hour and two glasses of wine to help pass the time, he was finally here. Not nearly as "here" as she wished he was, but Brian traveled on business a lot and she had long since accepted, more or less, … Continue reading #MasturbationMonday: Denial of Service

#TradecraftTuesday: BACK UP YO SHIT!

Usually I, and most people who write about the act of writing instead of, um, yanno, WRITING, offer helpful tips and suggestions on how to write. I refuse to say, "tell you how to write," because if someone is telling YOU how to tell YOUR story, that person is probably an adjunct college English professor … Continue reading #TradecraftTuesday: BACK UP YO SHIT!