Eat My Shorts! Quotes and Fun Facts pt. 1

J.S.! Have you lost your ever-loving MIND?!?!? Me: Uh. Have ya MET me? Why on EARTH would you tell readers to eat your shorts??? Don't you think that's kind of...yanno...insulting? Me: Well, to be fair, I MIGHT think that...except, unlike SOME people who seem to think readers need big red crayons to perceive the painfully … Continue reading Eat My Shorts! Quotes and Fun Facts pt. 1

#MasturbationMonday: Denial of Service

Good evening, little one. Melissa's breath caught as the chat window opened. After half an hour and two glasses of wine to help pass the time, he was finally here. Not nearly as "here" as she wished he was, but Brian traveled on business a lot and she had long since accepted, more or less, … Continue reading #MasturbationMonday: Denial of Service

#MasturbationMonday: Pretty Kitten

"Mrowl." In some dim, far-off recess of my brain, I heard Brenda, but the words on the computer monitor held the lion's share of my attention. "Mrroowwll..." A light but insistent series of thumps against my leg signaled she was losing patience and wanted attention. Shaken out of my screen-induced trance, I smiled. She could … Continue reading #MasturbationMonday: Pretty Kitten