General News + Update on Outcast, Book Three of The Soulforger Chronicles

News on the next book in The Soulforger Chronicles and what to expect in the near future from author Jericho/J.S. Wayne!

A Plan, and A Pivot

If you've visited my site before, you may notice there have been some fairly radical and abrupt changes. And I think you deserve an explanation. With the publication of "Scarlet's Game" in October, I found myself grappling with the most frightening question any writer can face. "Now what?" I've never really had A Plan as … Continue reading A Plan, and A Pivot

First Chapter Friday: A Demon for Dinner

It's First Chapter Friday, and you know what that means around these parts! This week, I wanted to showcase a story which has never been published until now. There was a reason for that, as it turns out, and it's an old story in publishing. When I approached a publisher with "A Demon for Dinner," … Continue reading First Chapter Friday: A Demon for Dinner

Second Chapter Sunday: Dusk

It's Second Chapter Sunday, and this week I'm featuring Dusk, my MFM menage sci-fi/fantasy novel! If you missed First Chapter Friday, please click here to check it out! Chapter Two “About face!” The detail of Marines took one step forward and pivoted, everyone in the formation keeping precise dress and cover with those around them … Continue reading Second Chapter Sunday: Dusk

First Chapter Friday: Dusk

It's Friday, and that means I have another first chapter for you! This time, I'm pleased to present a book which was notable both for its inception and for the process it went through from first publication to finally being realized as a single, standalone volume, as it was intended. Dusk started life at the … Continue reading First Chapter Friday: Dusk

In Defense of “Cum”

In the past week, I've noticed a number of very interesting and important debates brewing in Romancelandia. Questions about: HEA/HFN and whether they're REALLY, yanno, a requirement for romance. Spoiler: YES! This is literally day 0.0001 knowledge for writing a proper romance. Everything else is pretty much up for grabs, but happily-ever-after or AT LEAST … Continue reading In Defense of “Cum”

Second Chapter Sunday: Sock It to Me!

If you missed First Chapter Friday, you might want to click here to read it before you go on. If you didn't, then enjoy...and be sure to grab your copy of Eat My Shorts!: The Absolute Best of J.S. Wayne (...So Far...) at Smashwords by clicking on the title! Chapter Two Slowly, deliberately, I turned … Continue reading Second Chapter Sunday: Sock It to Me!

First Chapter Friday: Sock It to Me!

They say you're not supposed to have favorites when it comes to your writing. As with so many other things, I beg to differ with "they." Today's First Chapter Friday offering was originally published with Changeling Press in 2013, and I have to say it's probably my favorite story in toto to date just because … Continue reading First Chapter Friday: Sock It to Me!

Second Chapter Sunday: The Gael and the Goddess

So, last week on First Chapter Friday, I promised this would be an ongoing thing. AAAAAAAND I promptly fucked the goat by being preoccupied with dealing with a broken slave and injured sub (NOT MY DOING, mind you!) and surviving this heat wave. My apartment got to a balmy 115 degrees one day, with something … Continue reading Second Chapter Sunday: The Gael and the Goddess

First Chapter Friday: The Gael and the Goddess

Even the heart of a goddess is subject to the whims of fate…

J.S. Wayne debuts the new cover and first chapter of The Gael and the Goddess, now available for preorder at Smashwords!