In Defense of “Cum”

In the past week, I've noticed a number of very interesting and important debates brewing in Romancelandia. Questions about: HEA/HFN and whether they're REALLY, yanno, a requirement for romance. Spoiler: YES! This is literally day 0.0001 knowledge for writing a proper romance. Everything else is pretty much up for grabs, but happily-ever-after or AT LEAST … Continue reading In Defense of “Cum”

Saturday Ponderings: This Puzzles Me

WOW!!! It's been a very weird, but AMAZING, couple of weeks. I've been buried in client work and trying to have a personal life, but the results were more than worth it in terms of my sanity and bank account. The good news is, things have settled down to a point where I can actually … Continue reading Saturday Ponderings: This Puzzles Me