Second Chapter Sunday: Dusk

It's Second Chapter Sunday, and this week I'm featuring Dusk, my MFM menage sci-fi/fantasy novel! If you missed First Chapter Friday, please click here to check it out! Chapter Two “About face!” The detail of Marines took one step forward and pivoted, everyone in the formation keeping precise dress and cover with those around them … Continue reading Second Chapter Sunday: Dusk

First Chapter Friday: Dusk

It's Friday, and that means I have another first chapter for you! This time, I'm pleased to present a book which was notable both for its inception and for the process it went through from first publication to finally being realized as a single, standalone volume, as it was intended. Dusk started life at the … Continue reading First Chapter Friday: Dusk

News, Updates, Shenanigans and Other Miscellany

It's been a busy time since I was last here! Well, okay, "busy" is a relative term. I've had a lot to do, and a lot of behind-the-scenes work has been going down. I'm going to try to keep all this in some semblance of order, with the understanding there may and most likely will … Continue reading News, Updates, Shenanigans and Other Miscellany

So, after a lengthy hiatus necessitated by life and the vagaries of same, I'm back..and I come bearing gifts! Coming September 15th... Three people. Two worlds. One love. One galactic threat. On the remote border world of Dusk, the Dusk Diplomatic Corps serves their planet as diplomats and aristocrats. A bombshell lands on the Corps … Continue reading