Eat My Shorts! Quotes and Fun Facts pt. 2

It's Monday, and that means tonight at mindnight U.S. Eastern time, Eat My Shorts! goes live for sale at Smashwords! To celebrate the day, I wanted to bring you more quotes and fun facts to tempt your palate and tickle your fancy. If you missed Part One, here's a link! So, since my last post … Continue reading Eat My Shorts! Quotes and Fun Facts pt. 2

Scheduling, Scheming, Planning and Plotting

I've written quite a bit in the last week about things which are important to me, and I hope to you as well, gentle reader. But I notice one thing I've written fairly little about so far is the act of WRITING, which is (I hope) at least one of the reasons you're here. And … Continue reading Scheduling, Scheming, Planning and Plotting