The marketing gurus and life coaches always tell you to “find your intersection,” the place where your passions collide in such a way that few, if any, people can follow you. This is the place where passions A, B and C meet to set you at the top 1% of the top 1%.

This site is my intersection, and I welcome you.

I’ve been pseudo-openly kinky for most of the last two decades. I started off in the swinging lifestyle, where I got my first real-world exposure to BDSM and kinky sex. Over time, my tastes changed and evolved. I started diving into the darker shades of gray, if you’ll pardon the expression and reference. I read a lot. I learned from both good and bad experiences how I function.

I started answering questions on Quora for other people who were just getting into kink in hopes I could show them how to avoid at least some of the mistakes I made. I started posting my observations and thoughts on my FetLife account, which has seen very little action of late. The overwhelmingly positive responses I received told me I was on the right track, even when I was hitting nerves and slaughtering sacred cows without remorse, mercy or regret.

As I’ve evolved, I’ve also learned I really enjoy the role of teacher, mentor and guide, all of which a Dominant is called upon to play regularly. The next logical step was to proceed from answering questions online to offering live classes and instruction in Dominance, submission and Risk-Aware Consensual Kink. In addition, I’ve started surveying volunteer kinksters about their lives and how kink shapes and influences them, as well as how they see the world and are seen in return, for an upcoming nonfiction book which I expect to release in early November.

To find out more about live classes or private D/s instruction, please click here, and be sure to follow the blog for more snapshots from my crazy, kinky, wild world!