Second Chapter Sunday: Sock It to Me!

If you missed First Chapter Friday, you might want to click here to read it before you go on. If you didn't, then enjoy...and be sure to grab your copy of Eat My Shorts!: The Absolute Best of J.S. Wayne (...So Far...) at Smashwords by clicking on the title! Chapter Two Slowly, deliberately, I turned … Continue reading Second Chapter Sunday: Sock It to Me!

First Chapter Friday: Sock It to Me!

They say you're not supposed to have favorites when it comes to your writing. As with so many other things, I beg to differ with "they." Today's First Chapter Friday offering was originally published with Changeling Press in 2013, and I have to say it's probably my favorite story in toto to date just because … Continue reading First Chapter Friday: Sock It to Me!

Second Chapter Sunday: The Gael and the Goddess

So, last week on First Chapter Friday, I promised this would be an ongoing thing. AAAAAAAND I promptly fucked the goat by being preoccupied with dealing with a broken slave and injured sub (NOT MY DOING, mind you!) and surviving this heat wave. My apartment got to a balmy 115 degrees one day, with something … Continue reading Second Chapter Sunday: The Gael and the Goddess

First Chapter Friday: The Gael and the Goddess

Even the heart of a goddess is subject to the whims of fate… J.S. Wayne debuts the new cover and first chapter of The Gael and the Goddess, now available for preorder at Smashwords!

Eat My Shorts! Quotes and Fun Facts pt. 2

It's Monday, and that means tonight at mindnight U.S. Eastern time, Eat My Shorts! goes live for sale at Smashwords! To celebrate the day, I wanted to bring you more quotes and fun facts to tempt your palate and tickle your fancy. If you missed Part One, here's a link! So, since my last post … Continue reading Eat My Shorts! Quotes and Fun Facts pt. 2

A World Without Words: An Open Letter to The New York Daily News

I'd like you, gentle reader, to take a moment and imagine something really horrific. Imagine a world where words are the only accepted form of currency. Your ability to secure food, shelter, meet people, fall in love, raise a family, share the joys and heartaches of being connected to humanity are quite literally bought and … Continue reading A World Without Words: An Open Letter to The New York Daily News

Impostor Syndrome

You would think by now I'd pretty well figure I've got my shit together, at least in some dimensions. Let's look at my resume for a moment. I have two women I love very much, and who love me back. I've successfully published two articles on, which is not exactly a bottom-tier source of … Continue reading Impostor Syndrome

#MasturbationMonday: Denial of Service

Good evening, little one. Melissa's breath caught as the chat window opened. After half an hour and two glasses of wine to help pass the time, he was finally here. Not nearly as "here" as she wished he was, but Brian traveled on business a lot and she had long since accepted, more or less, … Continue reading #MasturbationMonday: Denial of Service

#TradecraftTuesday: BACK UP YO SHIT!

Usually I, and most people who write about the act of writing instead of, um, yanno, WRITING, offer helpful tips and suggestions on how to write. I refuse to say, "tell you how to write," because if someone is telling YOU how to tell YOUR story, that person is probably an adjunct college English professor … Continue reading #TradecraftTuesday: BACK UP YO SHIT!

#MasturbationMonday: Pretty Kitten

"Mrowl." In some dim, far-off recess of my brain, I heard Brenda, but the words on the computer monitor held the lion's share of my attention. "Mrroowwll..." A light but insistent series of thumps against my leg signaled she was losing patience and wanted attention. Shaken out of my screen-induced trance, I smiled. She could … Continue reading #MasturbationMonday: Pretty Kitten