An Open Letter To Men Writing Erotic Romance

Content Warning: The following post deals with topics of Internet sexual harassment, including unsolicited images of male genitalia and similar activities. Please read at your own discretion and risk. Okay, kiddies, gather 'round. Uncle J.S. has a bone to pick with y'all. Yesterday, I read a Tweet which simply defied belief. Not because it was … Continue reading An Open Letter To Men Writing Erotic Romance

Second Chapter Sunday: Dusk

It's Second Chapter Sunday, and this week I'm featuring Dusk, my MFM menage sci-fi/fantasy novel! If you missed First Chapter Friday, please click here to check it out! Chapter Two “About face!” The detail of Marines took one step forward and pivoted, everyone in the formation keeping precise dress and cover with those around them … Continue reading Second Chapter Sunday: Dusk

In Defense of “Cum”

In the past week, I've noticed a number of very interesting and important debates brewing in Romancelandia. Questions about: HEA/HFN and whether they're REALLY, yanno, a requirement for romance. Spoiler: YES! This is literally day 0.0001 knowledge for writing a proper romance. Everything else is pretty much up for grabs, but happily-ever-after or AT LEAST … Continue reading In Defense of “Cum”

Red!: or, On Mental Illness, Social Media, Writing and a Burning World

Rome is burning. I'm trying to dance. It's been a difficult week mentally, physically and emotionally. These are just a few of the highlights: Released Eat My Shorts!, which as any author can tell you is an exciting, taxing and stressful time under the best of circumstances Another day, another troll Apparently America is already … Continue reading Red!: or, On Mental Illness, Social Media, Writing and a Burning World

Cocky Motherfucker

This is a flash fiction written in direct response to the #cockygate scandal I wrote about yesterday. It's got plenty of kinky fuckery, some of which some people may find a bit triggering, including face slapping, anal sex, humiliation/degradation and bondage. If this doesn't appeal to you, please DO NOT READ FURTHER! If you enjoy it, please give a yell and let me know! If your name happens to be Faleena Hopkins and you think for a MICROSECOND I give a shit about your ridiculous bullying tactics, send me a C&D notice and then hold my beer. #byefaleena!

On Fucking Up

A man took his little boy by the hand and went on a stroll about the town. As they went, the man, an architect and builder, pointed out the things he'd built. "Son," said he, pointing into the town, "I built a hundred o' these houses with me own two hands. But do they call … Continue reading On Fucking Up

Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen!

Well...well...well. I never in a million years thought I'd be the kind of person who'd have health apps on my phone. In fact, I'm pretty firmly in the camp that believes such apps are the pure and sole province of masochists and people with too fucking much time on their hands and insufficient hobbies. And … Continue reading Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen!