Creativity and Kink: Odd Couple or Dynamic Duo?

The act of creation is at its base sexual in nature.  This seems like a fairly strong, even outlandish assertion, doesn't it? After all, we know the thought of writing up the quarterly gooberfloofen sales figures for that oh-so-important (but which ultimately doesn't mean a damned thing) 9am meeting doesn't make the vast majority of … Continue reading Creativity and Kink: Odd Couple or Dynamic Duo?

Drawing The Line: Amazon and Cockygate

As #cockygate has proven in the last eight days, writers are a truly frightful force when we put aside our differences and muster in force. #Cockygate wasn't a gay vs straight thing a cis vs trans thing a liberal vs conservative thing a black vs white thing a male vs female thing a Christian/Jewish/Muslim/atheist/other thing … Continue reading Drawing The Line: Amazon and Cockygate

A World Without Words: An Open Letter to The New York Daily News

I'd like you, gentle reader, to take a moment and imagine something really horrific. Imagine a world where words are the only accepted form of currency. Your ability to secure food, shelter, meet people, fall in love, raise a family, share the joys and heartaches of being connected to humanity are quite literally bought and … Continue reading A World Without Words: An Open Letter to The New York Daily News

Cocky Motherfucker

This is a flash fiction written in direct response to the #cockygate scandal I wrote about yesterday. It's got plenty of kinky fuckery, some of which some people may find a bit triggering, including face slapping, anal sex, humiliation/degradation and bondage. If this doesn't appeal to you, please DO NOT READ FURTHER! If you enjoy it, please give a yell and let me know! If your name happens to be Faleena Hopkins and you think for a MICROSECOND I give a shit about your ridiculous bullying tactics, send me a C&D notice and then hold my beer. #byefaleena!

So…THAT Happened…

WARNING! Kindly refrain from eating, drinking, smoking or otherwise engaging in any behavior which may precipitate a choking, cardiac or stroke hazard while reading this post. Management will not be responsible for any injury, death or near-death experiences or events caused by your viewing of same. This is going to be a long post, but … Continue reading So…THAT Happened…

On Fucking Up

A man took his little boy by the hand and went on a stroll about the town. As they went, the man, an architect and builder, pointed out the things he'd built. "Son," said he, pointing into the town, "I built a hundred o' these houses with me own two hands. But do they call … Continue reading On Fucking Up

Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen!

Well...well...well. I never in a million years thought I'd be the kind of person who'd have health apps on my phone. In fact, I'm pretty firmly in the camp that believes such apps are the pure and sole province of masochists and people with too fucking much time on their hands and insufficient hobbies. And … Continue reading Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen!

Impostor Syndrome

You would think by now I'd pretty well figure I've got my shit together, at least in some dimensions. Let's look at my resume for a moment. I have two women I love very much, and who love me back. I've successfully published two articles on, which is not exactly a bottom-tier source of … Continue reading Impostor Syndrome