Coming to Your Kindle: The Soulforger Chronicles!

So, once again, gentle reader, it has been a hot minute.

Between launching my new SEO and Internet content creation service, Wordz by Jericho (@WordzJ on Twitter), setting up a new pen name and 2020 as a whole, I’ve been busily toiling away behind the scenes. But I wanted to drop a couple of quick notes about what’s going on, what’s new and what’s coming next!

FIRST: Adeptus and Sybarite are now available on Amazon!

I’m aware readers who know me and my opinion of “The Zon” from way back are probably going, “You did what now?!?!”

All I can say is, your consternation is understandable.

Honestly, it comes down to the fact that I had to face the facts. Amazon is by far the largest online book retailer. If I want to access the largest virtual bookshelf on the planet and reach more readers, that means playing in their sandbox. So Jericho S. Wayne now has an Amazon Author Central page, and Adeptus and Sybarite are available for one-click purchase direct to your Kindle! Buy links are in the header above, and I hope you’ll check them out.

Second: Let’s talk about Outcast.

In my last post, I mentioned that between my relative mental health levels and all of 2020, I had been thoroughly derailed regarding my initial intended release date for Outcast, which is almost a month in the rearview mirror. One of the main stumbling blocks was the resolution of a character arc which will play a major role in the following books, which demanded that character be handled otherwise than I had previously planned.

If you waited five years for Peace Talks and Battle Ground, as I did, I hope you won’t begrudge me the extra time to get this one right. This character’s arc is going to heavily influence the events of the last two books in the series, so it has to be done just exactly so. That said, I think I’ve broken through the barrier and am tentatively looking at a January release, barring any other weirdness, brain gremlins or the utter dissolution of the USA post-November 3rd.


Serious, y’all. This may be the most important Presidential election any of us have ever seen. If you follow my @iamlordunicron Twitter account, you’re probably already aware of my opinions concerning this one and which way I intend to cast my ballot. (My @jerichoswayne Twitter has NO political or sexually oriented anything on there, and I’m very keen to keep it that way.) I’m not telling you HOW to vote, and wouldn’t if I could; but I do implore you to VOTE. Our future and our nation may quite literally depend on it.

FOURTH: No, I’m not going to tell you the new pen name.

As with taking my books to Amazon, this one’s kind of a bittersweet pill for me. I had no intention, as recently as three months ago, of releasing work under any name but my own. However, once again, market forces prevailed. I will tell you at the outset that my intent is not to deceive or dupe readers, nor do I have any desire to start relationships or even initiate conversations under false pretenses. In fact, if this goes the way I hope, no one will ever know whose hand and mind created those stories.

But I want my erotic romance stories to be seen for what they are, divorced from my shadow looming over them. Regrettably, that meant a new pen name was necessary, one without the good AND bad of my current reputation bogging it down or gender considerations. I will not be speaking on, promoting or discussing those forthcoming works in any way here or on my social media. So, if you think you’ve discovered my new author identity, I ask you to please keep it to yourself and don’t ask me to confirm or deny. I won’t do it.

I just want to write good stories people want to read. Full stop.

FIFTH: Peace Talks/Battle Ground

As a dedicated Dresdenphile, I’m going to borrow the words of Chuck Wendig, because they totally apply here, and say


As I write this, I’m awaiting the wrathful screams from a certain party when they reach a very specific point in Battle Ground. >.>

(If you’re a Harryhead like me and already know what I’m talking about, SHHHHHHH! This is a spoiler-free zone! Seriously, I am moderating and will delete any comments which talk about specific events in Battle Ground or Peace Talks, in deference to those who haven’t had the chance to read them for whatever reason.)

I was kinda sketch on Battle Ground after Peace Talks. Was wondering if my man Jim Butcher had run out of gas or give-a-damn.

NOPE. He didn’t. Got off to a slow start, but you really do need to read Peace Talks to understand Battle Ground. But Battle Ground starts like an IV of pure adrenaline and unadulterated crazy just whipping at the reader with almost no pauses for breath–and keeps it coming. An extended battle scene like that would test the mettle of any author, but Jim Butcher pulled it off with STYLE. It would seem like a slog, and some people thought it was, but I thought it felt really real, in the best/worst way. (Because seriously, who the hell is crazy enough to really want to live through a war?!) That you-are-there immediacy has been a hallmark of some of Harry Dresden’s strongest moments (Can we say “Sue,” bois and ghouls?) and Butcher shows his chops again in a way which makes the five-year wait since Skin Game absolutely worth it.

So, that’s the wrap-up for now. I’d love to promise I’ll check in again soon, but at this point history shows that would be a fool’s errand. But I promise as soon as I have something relevant to report about Jericho/J.S. Wayne’s world, I’ll be back!


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