General News + Update on Outcast, Book Three of The Soulforger Chronicles

Dear Reader,

I think we can all agree 2020 has already been one hell of a year, and all signs point to things getting worse before they improve.

My year started off with moving to a new place, a new job and the dissolution of the relationship which had been my bedrock. Add to these tectonic shifts:

  • Personal illness
  • Government abuse of power on a level never before seen in American history
  • COVID-19, with its attendant cohort of quarantines, social distancing, COVIDiots, maskholes and the explosion of a whole new class of Karens, to say nothing of the
  • Financial havoc wrought across the socioeconomic spectrum
  • Police committing summary executions in the streets with every expectation they would not have to answer for their unlawful and unjustified actions
  • Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality and racially based policing spreading across the face of the planet from New Jersey to New Zealand and from San Francisco, CA to San Francisco, Spain
  • Peaceful protests igniting into riots, in large part due to law enforcement actions

In short, 2020 has been devastating on just about every level.

I watch in horror as the next new atrocity flares up, only to fade into mundanity an hour later as the next tragic absurdity (or absurd tragedy, as you please) of the pre-apocalypse cotillion announces itself. There’s no respite. No break.

No escape.

I’ve tried to work around the depression, anxiety and uncertainty precipitated by having no idea what’s coming next. I’ve shifted gears and started a complete rewrite of Outcast, as far as I had managed to complete it, to tighten things up and craft a better read for you.

Cover Art by author for Outcast (c)2019 by Jericho S. Wayne. All rights reserved.

However, I have some concerns about the direction the series was going in light of everything 2020 has thrown at us so far. I want my writing to be an escape for my readers, not a “ripped from the headlines” punctuation mark for what’s going on in the world. So, until I can find a more fitting trajectory along which to continue the arcs I’ve already begun in “Ring-a-ding Demon,” Adeptus and Sybarite, and polish up the arcs I’ve initiated in Outcast, I see no way forward but to pause the series for a little while. I hate that this is necessary, but I want to produce the best and most enjoyable stories possible for my readers and right now, I simply don’t have the capacity to do so.

Therefore, Outcast will not be released in September as originally planned, and the preorder information for it will be updated accordingly within the next several days.

This obviously means Chieftain and Sage will be pushed back as well, maybe as far as into 2022. If that is what it takes to craft the best possible work for you, then that is what I will do. I hope in the end, the results will justify the delay, as evaluated by my readers.

As a reminder, “Ring-a-ding Demon” is a FREE novella, and until further notice I have reduced the prices on Adeptus and Outcast from the original $4.99 to $1.49, to make them as affordable as possible to the maximum number of readers during the COVID-19 crisis. When it abates, I will reevaluate my pricing on these works based on the prevailing circumstances at the time.

So ends Jericho S. Wayne’s portion of this post.

I’ve also been nibbling around the edges of a BDSM-based erotic romance trilogy. One of the reasons I’ve hesitated on this is the fact I was considering launching a female nom de plume under which to produce these works. The recent emergence of the truth behind the online identity of an author with whom I was lately on friendly terms and his behind-the-scenes behavior has thoroughly kiboshed any plans I might have had to proceed with the new name, broken them to matchsticks, soaked them in kerosene and dumped burning napalm on the shards. If I’m going to write it, I’m going to put it out as J.S. Wayne. It might not sell as well, thanks to people like this author, but I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing I’m not duping my readers and that they’re getting to see me as the author for who and what I am, not something or someone I’m not.

So, for my erotic romance readers, be sure to stay tuned for breaking news about The Knight Sisters Trilogy.

If you like your kink hot and believable, with an emphasis on enthusiastic consent, you’ll probably enjoy what I’m bringing to the table!

That’s all I have for now. I hope you’re all staying safe as much as possible, unplugging when you need to and doing what you must to stay sane in an insane time. If you’ve read any of my erotic romance or urban fantasy works, I’d be hugely grateful if you could spare a few minutes to review. Your thoughts mean the world to me, and your feedback helps me produce stories which you’re more likely to enjoy!

Whatever you do, please take care of yourself first. The world needs all the light it can muster right now. Don’t let your flame go out by burning your candle too hard. Do whatever it takes to keep the fire in your heart bright for all to see.

“Adios, Motherfucker!…No, seriously, that’s what the drink is called. It tastes like ‘WHAT problems?!?!'”



(Apologies to my Gaelic-speaking friends for the lack of the accent mark over that “e.” Not sure how to do that in WordPress.)

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