Erotic Short: Going Deep


To skip over my waffle on the backstory and get straight to the hot stuff, please scroll down to the next header, labeled “Going Deep.”

Thanks. – J.S.

Recently, I encountered a comment thread from erotica author and model Ema Burner (@BurnerEma) on Twitter, in which she was discussing cervical orgasms with someone whose behavior has prompted both the end of their Twitter account and their redaction from this post and my site generally. Ema pointed out she quite enjoyed both having and writing about them. Meanwhile, the other author argued the perfectly valid point that writing about cervical orgasms tends to be largely limited to the province of male erotica authors... (Little did we know…)

…with the generally unfortunate results and associated quality* one might cringily and rightly expect of that particular cohort as a group.

This conversation, to which I was a mere spectator, inspired me to consider the possibility of writing an erotic microfiction culminating in a cervical orgasm. Unlike many male erotica authors I know, I had never done a scene like that before, and the challenge of writing such a scene in a way which would be enjoyable to women appealed to me. I decided to try my hand at crafting one which met the following criteria:

  1. It had to be HOT for any gender or identity interested in such things.
  2. It had to at least attempt to center the female experience of cervical orgasm rather than the male reaction, inasmuch as possible when such lived experience is something I can only attempt to faithfully replicate at second hand.
  3. Above all, as is always my goal regardless of what I’m writing, it had to be QUALITY WRITING, something which I’m sorry to say far too many of my penis-enhanced compatriots tend to fall down badly on when it comes to matters concerning women’s sexuality.

The story you are about to read is the result. I make no claims as to its quality, preferring to leave such judgments to you, gentle reader, as I feel this is your proper province and not mine. So, with thanks to Ema Burner, I hope you enjoy.

And do please check out Ema’s links!

Going Deep

The growl of the engine faded to a hum. Piper shifted in her seat, enjoying the suppleness of the sun-warmed leather under her bare ass. A hot breeze wafted through the open window, carrying with it the scents of water, dust and green, growing things, underlain with a light whiff of salt.

For a moment, she was tempted to scratch her nose in search of a feigned itch, giving her an excuse to lift the blindfold and peek at their surroundings. She quickly decided not to as Will’s large, calloused hand settled on her hip, just below the hem of her shortest, flirtiest yellow sundress, and squeezed reassuringly.

“Almost there, babe,” he said, the baritone of his voice fading into the engine noise and the rush of the wind as he navigated over a series of bumps. Each one jostled her, bouncing her lightly up and down again, leaving her very aware of the friction between the supple upholstery and her exposed pussy lips. Each one made her just a little wetter, and she bit her lip against the pleasant torture, wondering idly what Will would think if she got out of the car only to leave a damp patch on the pristine tan leather.

“Okay,” she said, the syllables juddering a little as the ’73 Stingray threaded its way along the bumpy road. Could it even be called a road? This felt more like a cowpath, or at best a bike trail, and every new bump shuddered tiny sparks of pleasure along her skin, centered between her thighs.

The Corvette jounced a couple of times and came to a smooth stop. Will’s hand squeezed harder on her thigh, an unmistakable I’m in charge grip which shivered a tiny amount of pain and a huge thrill of pleasure through her. She pressed her legs together, feeling a trickle of fresh lust squeeze between her pulsing lips.

“Wait here,” he commanded, pressing his fingers down harder still, lending the directive an unsubtle punctuation mark, before relinquishing his hold. His door opened, the car rocked, the door slammed.

She pricked her ears, listening intently, but caught only the lazy whisper of the breeze through leaves, the cries of birds and a quiet, repetitive shushing she couldn’t quite place. Then she heard the faint crunch of heavy footfalls on gravel, followed by the sound of the hood latch popping open. The sports car shimmied slightly and fell still as the footsteps sounded again, making their way toward her side. They passed her and an odd, soft dragging sounded from the front of the car. After a moment, the footsteps started again, heading her way.

The feel of the sun on her skin faded just enough to give her warning, and she scooted away from the door just as it popped open. “Pop your seatbelt,” Will said, his voice coarse and dark in a way which sought out and coiled around the most primal part of her brain, sending tendrils to every nerve ending on her body. She complied with shaking fingers. The latch button fought her on the first two attempts, finally popping free on the third as she punched two stiff fingers into the mechanism. Fighting her way free of the belt, she stepped out of the car, placing one sandal-clad foot on the ground and verifying stability, then the other.

His arms enfolded her in strength and security as he lifted her up. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, clinging for dear life as he moved, her chin slotting into the hollow between his shoulder and neck perfectly. The cool, masculine scents of his body wash and deodorant meshed with the faint musky, wild smell of his natural essence, making her mouth water. The bulge in his pants rubbed against the top of her pubis through the thin fabric of her sundress, barely missing her clit in a way which both pleased and maddened her.

He leaned forward, and she tensed reflexively before allowing herself to fall back. Her sundress rode up her hips, exposing her ass to scratchy softness over a hot, unyielding surface. The thrill of the contact and the brush of his groin against hers as he settled her into place made her whimper out a low-pitched keen of need.

“I’m going to take off the blindfold now. Close your eyes,” he said into her ear in a strangled whisper.

At least I’m not the only one suffering, she thought as she did as he directed. The cloth pulled up and away, the elastic strap catching and tugging at her hair, the pitch blackness giving way to a dark red as light fell upon her eyes. Her inner muscles tightened as the wetness intensified.

She opened them slowly, dazzled by the brilliance—and gasped.

Will had parked about ten yards back from the edge of a cliff. Beneath them, the ocean spread out to the horizon, sparkling and shining in hues of storm gray, jade green and teal blue as the sunlight struck the gentle waves below. Far out at sea, near the horizon, she could just make out the red and white flash of a sailboat. Gulls and cormorants eddied, soared and dove on the updrafts from the shore, seeking food and frolicking in the air. A few old, gnarled pines and a smattering of deciduous trees loomed in fantastical shapes, screening the access to the cliff from casual view.   

 “It’s beautiful,” she breathed, looking up at Will, who stood looking toward the sea. “How did you find this place?”

“I’ll tell you later,” he said huskily.

He turned to her, the planes and curves of his face set in a hungry mask. Then his lips were on hers, his body pushing her back and down onto the scratchy blanket as he kissed her urgently. She moaned against him, reveling in his roughness. Usually she appreciated the technical skill and devotion he demonstrated in pleasuring her. Now his primal hunger fed her own, and she arched her back, pressing her pelvis into him, desperate for just a little more closeness, a little more friction on her most sensitive places.

As he pulled back, she nipped saucily on his lower lip, giving him a “you can’t make me” smirk. His eyes flamed and he knelt between her spread thighs, pressing his mouth to her core, drinking avidly from her. She gasped and opened wider for him, one hand pressing on the back of his head, urging his prickly face into her vulva and thighs as he stroked, caressed, swooped and dipped over her tender center with his voracious mouth. The pressure of her hand and crotch against him only inflamed him further, and she cried out with the beginnings of an orgasm as his tongue found and explored her opening, teasing at the very edge of her G-spot.

Delicious as the sensations his skilled lips and tongue ignited between her legs, she needed more.

“Oh, God, Will—fuck me. Please,” she sighed. “Please shove that cock up my tight little pussy and fuck me deep and hard. Make it hurt. Make me your whore. Show me who my body really belongs to.”

He looked up from his devotions, eyes glinting dangerously, lightly stubbled face smeared and gleaming with the evidence of her arousal and his enjoyment of her taste. “Are you sure? Last time you said it didn’t feel good—”

She growled a little. “I wasn’t as turned on then, baby. I need that fat cock pushed into me as far as it’ll go. Use me like the cocksleeve I am, please. Punish my pussy for your pleasure.” He tilted his head just an inch to one side, enough to convey his skepticism, and she added, “If it’s too much, I’ll tell you. Okay?”

Shadows drifted over his face, transforming his visage into a wolfish mask she’d probably run screaming from in a dark alley. Here, now, in the bright sun, with the wind massaging her skin with a thousand butterfly fingers and the rush of the waves lulling her ears, she spread herself as wide as she could, offering her body as a willing sacrifice to his hunger. He unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped the fly and revealed his lust-swollen cock, the head angry red with a trembling bead of clear moisture at the end which made her mouth water.

Before she could offer to take him in his mouth, wanting to taste the hard evidence of his need, he pushed himself into her slowly, groaning as her body opened joyously to his invasion, welcoming him in. His cock slid home in her wetness, probing her, pushing all resistance aside, until the crown nudged against her cervix.

He gave a tiny thrust, prodding at the furthest reaches of her vagina. Stars swam in her vision as the slight pain of the impact gave way to delight.

“Yes,” she hissed. “Just like that, baby.”

He repeated the motion, but otherwise held himself perfectly still.

“Oh, God, Will.” She sucked in a breath as he did it again. And again. Each fractional thrust just a little more forceful, building in painfully slow increments. “You do that so good, baby. I love feeling that hard dick against my womb. Now fuck me, please!”

He withdrew slowly, deliberately, and thrust home again, gasping as he bottomed out inside her. “Are you sure I’m not hurting you?” he grated, jaw clenched as he fought for control.

“No, honey, it feels incredible. Please, fuck the hell out of me, Will. Wreck me. Ruin me. Let me feel all of you as deep as you can go.” She reached down with one hand and massaged her clit and the place where their bodies joined and became one, sighing with unabashed pleasure at the feeling of her slickness covering his cock and the electric thrills of caressing her center. “I’m not made of glass, baby. I can take every inch of you, and I need it.” She wriggled a little, pushing forward so his cockhead prodded her cervix again. “Give it to me, baby, please!”

He growled deep in his throat and thrust again, fast and hard, then pulled back. Then slammed home again. And again.

Each new impact shivered fresh heat through her body, and she thrilled as the delight washed the slight discomfort away, muting it to an unimportant undertone overwhelmed by the luscious sensation as he fucked her slow and hard, timing his thrusts to the rhythmic sighing of the waves below.

Soon, his greed for her took over. Slow, deliberate strokes gave way to fast, hard plunges, pummeling her deepest places with magnificent disregard for her comfort, and she reveled in the primal loss of control, pumping her hips to give him all of her, to offer him just a little more depth, more reach, more claim over her body and control of her sex.

Pulling his face down to hers, she kissed him hungrily, feeding him her ardor, wailing into his mouth as a ripple of heated ecstasy surged through her. Her pussy walls quivered and tightened, holding on to the gorgeous battering ram between her thighs desperately as it struck home again and again, plundering and laying waste to her in the most luscious way possible.

She panted into the kiss, trying to hold back, but one more furious push at the opening of her womb brought her to life, screaming in exultation as her body convulsed in a full-body shudder and the orgasm which had been politely knocking at the door kicked its way in, swamping her consciousness, fracturing her senses into a supernova of ardent rapture. Dimly, she felt him tense and jerk inside her, her shrieks of euphoria met by his own cry as his arms engulfed her and his cock pulsed, spilling his hot spunk to wash against the deepest recesses of her pussy, filling her body with the delectable liquid warmth he saved for her and her alone.

When she descended to herself again, she found herself cocooned in Will’s arms, his soft cock still inside her. He kissed her face gently all over, whispering tender endearments as he waited for her to recover. She let him, her eyelids too heavy to open, limbs leaden and languid with the aftermath of her release.

Finally, she opened her eyes and smiled at him.

“Did you have fun?”

He smiled and kissed her again. “I did. Did you? How are you feeling?”

She frowned a little and took inventory. “A little sore, but so good. It was worth it.”

“I didn’t hurt you too much, did I?”

“No,” she assured him, snuggling close. “You hurt me just right.”

He chuckled a little, running a hand through her hair.

“Are you hungry?”

Her stomach rumbled right on cue. She met his gaze and they both dissolved into carefree gales of laughter as Will stood up and pulled her off the blanket covering the hood of the car.

“I brought a picnic basket,” he said as he trotted to the back of the car.

She grinned at his thoughtfulness and the pleasant ache inside her. “What do we have for dessert?”

He peered around the open trunk and waggled his eyebrows. “I was thinking an encore.”

“I think that can be arranged,” she replied around a giggle, stretching luxuriously. Perhaps she’d suck his cock after dinner, tasting the remnants of their passion, before she climbed on top of him and battered her pussy against her lover’s cock as she fucked them both stupid. Her heart fluttered and she felt a little dew trickle down her thigh from the commingling of their lust and her naughty thoughts.

She was going to be so sore in the morning.

But it was going to be so worth it.

*Click this link at your own risk. Author regrets to inform readers he cannot accept responsibility nor liability for damages or expenses arising from clicking this link, including but not limited to: mental, emotional or physical trauma; therapy bills; eye bleach expenditures; or diminished faith in the human condition.

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