#AskMeAnything Saturday, 25 Apr 2020!

Since I’ve been conspicuous by my absence lately, and with the release of Sybarite right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to ease the pandemic boredom and reconnect with my peeps by doing a live stream!

It’s going on Saturday, April 25th, starting at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific and running until I’m either too drunk to form a coherent sentence or y’all get sick of me and log off. I’ll be talking a little about Sybarite, reading the first chapter of Adeptus (and doing horrible accents! You CAN’T pass up me doing horrible accents!) and hosting a live Q&A during which you can ask me…well…ANYTHING! Plus, I’ll have some surprises, including a flash “win before you can buy” giveaway of both The Soulforger Chronicles books, plus the free short story, “Ring-a-ding Demon.”

Be sure to check out @jerichoswayne on Twitter and my new YouTube channel, and definitely tune in on Saturday. Going to be some great stuff going down, and I’m excited to see y’all there. Stay safe, stay inside, STAY HEALTHY and try to keep your head up!


J.S. Wayne

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