News, Updates, Shenanigans and Other Miscellany

It’s been a busy time since I was last here!

Well, okay, “busy” is a relative term. I’ve had a lot to do, and a lot of behind-the-scenes work has been going down. I’m going to try to keep all this in some semblance of order, with the understanding there may and most likely will be some bleedover between points.


To date:

*I’ve gotten Eat My Shorts! launched and am now trying very hard not to bite my fingernails up to the elbows waiting for the first reviews to surface. Since this is one of the few habits I’ve had longer than smoking, it’s not an easy task. Patience is a virtue, and I won’t rush reviewers…but WOW I forgot how hard the waiting is!

*Wail is now reformatted, accepted for premium distribution and is looking for new book homes! If you’re not really in the mood for romance, perhaps a nice banshee (or bean’sidhe, in proper Irish Gaelic) tale would turn the trick.

*The Gael and the Goddess is now up and available for preorder on Smashwords. I’m kind of proud of how the cover turned out, given it’s my own creation. Cover art isn’t easy, but I certainly learned a few things while doing it!\

*Thanks to Bianca Sommerland, I’m working on a new book called A Lesser Sin. This book will feature a priest and a nun forced to sate a demon’s most unholy erotic hungers while they strive to keep their parishioners safe from the demon’s depradations. MMF, MFM, FFM, FMF and tentacles are all on the docket, so keep an eye out for that later this year! Bianca also designed the cover for A Lesser Sin, and it should be ready for release in time for Halloween if all goes well.

*I’m currently reformatting Dusk for a better reader experience. I would appreciate it if readers would refrain from purchasing Dusk until this is complete. I’m hoping to have it done by Wednesday evening. In the meantime, please keep it on your radar!


I’m sorry to report #cockygate still appears to be in full swing. Although the parties allegedly came to a settlement, one party (and I’ll give you one guess WHICH one) has apparently violated the terms of the settlement, which has ground the legal side to a halt while prompting authors and readers alike to reach for their swords once more. If there’s one thing to come out of #cockygate and its spinoffs, it’s the fact we’ve become aware of just where the rot within the self-publishing world is and how widespread it has become.

Which brings me to Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Direct Publishing. I know I’ve said it before, and I’m going to say it a thousand more times: NOPE. Not until they clean up their act and can visibly demonstrate real action which creates a more level playing field. All my books on Smashwords are available in .mobi format, which is Kindle’s preferred format, so I’m not beholden to Amazon to sell books to readers who love Kindle. And why not? Amazon’s faults aside, Kindle is easily the best e-book reader on the market, so I’m not poo-pooing the tech so much as I am the mindset of the parent company.


I’m done. I can only deal with so much stupid before my head explodes. The people who caused all these messes are going to learn the hard way in November, when I cast my votes based on the actions of the candidates.

Some of my readers may have noticed I’m no longer on Facebook either. There’s a reason for this, which yes, is political. The whole thing started when Facebook said, “Yeah! We need to do something about fake news a la Breitbart…buuuuuuuut we don’t REALLY want to do anything about it because [mealy-mouthed bogus platitudes which boil down to ‘BUT ADVERTISING DOLLARS!’]” If that’s really how they feel about it, great. I’m out. I’ll come back if and when they clean up their act. In the meantime, I wasn’t there all that much anyway and so it’s no great loss. Sorry to miss out on some of the updates from my loved ones…but that’s what a phone is for, innit?


Part of the reason I’ve been so quiet lately is because I’ve been going in for a LOT of self-care. Most of this has taken the form of going camping with my submissive, Mouse. We spent the last weekend in June at Beverly Beach State Park near Lincoln City, Oregon, and were treated to a couple of rather breathtaking sunsets. (And it turns out I’m a pretty good cook over an open fire. Who knew?) Then, Fourth of July weekend, we were at Fisherman’s Bend, a campground run by the National Forest Service. We had no rain, plenty of sun and it was a perfect five-day long weekend away. Steak and ribs over an open fire, plus whiskey and Total Domination IPA, makes for a hell of a good tonic for one stressed-out writer’s nerves.

So, there you have it.

I’ll be posting regular updates as things of interest pop up, and I hope the next time I post I’ll have some reviews to share! Thanks for checking out my doings, be safe and keep it kinky!




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