Eat My Shorts! Quotes and Fun Facts pt. 2

It’s Monday, and that means tonight at mindnight U.S. Eastern time, Eat My Shorts! goes live for sale at Smashwords! To celebrate the day, I wanted to bring you more quotes and fun facts to tempt your palate and tickle your fancy. If you missed Part One, here’s a link!

So, since my last post I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of more fun facts about the stories in Eat My Shorts! which might amuse and entertain you. I was just starting to worry that I’d gotten down to the bargain basement, so to speak, when I started reminiscing over old times with a couple of old friends from a former publisher of mine. And they reminded me of a couple of really funny incidents which wound up being written into my stories, for your delight, titillation and reading pleasure!

Random Fun Facts:

  1. In my very, VERY early writing career, I tended to be very “purple” in my prose, especially as it pertained to intimacy and sex. Based on my (outdated) reading of romance novels on the sly, I honestly thought that was the normal convention in romance! That is, until Australian superauthor H.C. Brown read over “Espiritu Sancti” and said, in a tone of fond exasperation, “J.S., it’s okay…you can say ‘pussy!'” I took her advice to heart and haven’t looked back since. Thanks, H.C.!
  2. No story about my writing would be complete without a shout out to Bryl R. Tyne, editor extraordinaire, who read my first fumbling, stumbling efforts at romance and helped me polish them into something really amazing. When I received my first round of edits from the first submission I ever sent in, I opened them, gulped, went straight to the liquor cabinet and fixed myself a VERY healthy whiskey and Coke. Then I sent back an email: “Tell me it’s not as bad as it looks!” He assured me it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was, and he’s the one who taught me how to “keep the poetry” in my writing while “losing the prose,” as he put it.
  3. Becoming a professional writer put me in touch with some truly amazing people, including a couple of my former lovers. One of the stories in Eat My Shorts! is a love letter masquerading as an erotic romance. Can you spot which one it is?
  4. I’ve never been one for convention or tradition. In fact, posting a “Keep Off The Grass” sign is about the surest way to entice me to trample your lawn, because I want to know what’s so damned special about YOUR grass versus the non-posted grass in the next yard! This sensibility has given me a lot of room for exploration of different relationship paradigms, genres and topical matter. So far, the feedback I’ve gotten has generally been good, and I wanted Eat My Shorts! to reflect that sensibility and the idea that diversity, both literary and otherwise, is a good thing. I hope my readers see themselves somewhere in these stories, and love the worlds I’ve crafted as much I do.

So let’s get to the good stuff!

“A Lovers’ Game” was my first literary flirtation with BDSM, although I didn’t really realize it at the time. (Which just goes to show that sometimes, the things which are most obvious to others are the things we ourselves have the hardest time seeing!) I love the game of chess, although I’m good enough at it to have a fair amount of difficulty finding people who will play it with me, and the idea of staying in on a rainy night with wine, a chess board and a heavy dose of erotic tension in the air made this one of my all-time favorite stories, not least because I’ve actually lived this one a time or two!

If you’ve ever heard the saying, “Be careful or you’ll end up in my novel!” and/or dated a writer, you know that isn’t just a cutesy saying, but a statement of fact! This quote actually came from a conflation of two different real-life events: a conversation with my long-distance girlfriend at the time and a wedding I wasn’t particularly stoked about attending. Put these things in a blender, throw in a hot little interlude in a very taboo place, et voila! A story is born!

Shifter lore has come a long way since the original The Wolf Man, starring Lon Chaney, Jr. “Dancing on Flames” started out as an idea I never really intended to pursue, spawned from a one-off discussion in a Werewolf: The Apocalypse game over a very practical, and strictly enforced, point of werewolf law: Garou shall not mate with other Garou. Try as I might, I couldn’t get the discussion, or the story idea, out of my mind…and I finally decided to try my hand at M/M romance, with surprisingly good results!

When I first started writing erotic romance, it was a goof, a one-off, something to pass the time while I recharged my batteries for my first love: urban fantasy! But I stumbled across a contest on, riffed off a lesbian vampire/ghost Gothic erotica, won…and found that curiously, I really enjoyed writing about love and desire in all its forms. It would be almost a year before I actually did anything concrete with this newfound pleasure, but in a very real way, this is the story which launched me on a path I’d never considered and would have laughed my head off if anyone had dared try to predict!

To learn more about me, my work and the philosophy which has come to inform it, I invite you to check out my Smashwords author interview here. While you’re there, be sure to reserve your copy of Eat My Shorts!, which is available for sale after midnight Eastern. Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you enjoyed spending a little time in my world today!

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