If You Understand This Quote, You (Sort Of) Understand Dominance

I’m curious to hear my D/s peeps’ thoughts on this one…

House Unicron

Recently I came across a very powerful, simple quote which sums up neatly everything I believe and feel about the mechanics of Dominance.

You see, being a Dominant has virtually nothing to do with swaggering around with a flogger, looking menacing and barking orders. Any idiot can do that. Although this trope is the common public perception of BDSM, and almost the default notion thanks to Hollywood and pop fiction, in reality they’re focusing in on a single brick. What kind of house can you really build from a single brick? Certainly not a reliable one, and definitely not the kind which meets the most basic criterion of a house: shelter!

A real Dominant is, first and foremost, a leader. And it’s hard to better encapsulate the ideals of leadership than in this quote from the late General Omar Bradley:

Leadership means firmness, not harshness or bullying; understanding, not weakness…

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