After-Valentine’s Day Sale!

Look, I get it.

If you’re single, Valentine’s Day can be the absolute pits. It sucks to see all these happy couples (and moresomes) walking around being all lovey-dovey when you don’t have anyone. And if you’re kinky and single, it’s even worse! Odds are, if you’re reading this and nodding along, you’ve either experienced this for yourself or know someone who has.

I’m sorry. I can’t help that this Valentine’s Day maybe wasn’t everything you’d hoped it would be.


I’m thinking I CAN help next Valentine’s Day be better for you, or a friend!

To celebrate successfully getting through V-Day, I’m doing a follower scavenger hunt, featuring personalized coupons for your purchase of Fantastic Dominants and Where to Find Them. For every one of the following you do, I’ll take 10% off, saving you up to 50% off the already low cover price!

  • Follow me on Facebook and write anything you like on my wall. Be sure to include #FantasticDominants in your post. 
  • Follow me on Twitter and Tweet anything you want at me! Be sure to include #FantasticDominants in your Tweet.
  • Follow me on Tumblr and send me an Ask about anything you like. Be sure to include #FantasticDominants in your Ask, and make sure you’re not doing the “Shades” thing, mmmkay? (And no, I don’t mean Fifty…but yeah, please don’t do that either. In other words, please don’t send Anon Asks. That will just confuse me and mean you miss out on part of your discount. We wouldn’t want that, would we?)
  • Follow this website and leave a comment on this post, as in the one you’re currently reading. (Yes, believe it or not, I really do have to specify this.) Be sure to include #FantasticDominants in your comment.
  • Sign up for my email group by sending me an email at with the subject line “Add Me #FantasticDominants!” Also, when you do this, be sure to include your social media links and the email you used to comment on this site so I can make sure you get the full discount you’ve earned!

The reason for the special subject line in the last bit is because I don’t like spam any better than you do. I don’t want to get it, I don’t want to send it and I sure as hell don’t want my readers to have to deal with it. I also don’t want to miss an email I’m actually looking for because I didn’t recognize the address, which I admit is totally a thing which happens in my world because spambots don’t sleep and I, alas, must at some point repose for awhile.

Also, no, you don’t have to do all these things, except for the email. That’s really the most important one and it’s still good for 10% off. If you don’t have a Tumblr, I’m not going to force you to get one. If you hate Twitter, hey, that’s cool! Everyone has their favorites, and going through all the hassle of signing up for sites you won’t use is counterproductive to everyone, so please don’t make a special trip just to save a few cents, okay? Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

But if you DO have and choose to do all the things, you can net yourself a tasty 50% off Fantastic Dominants and Where to Find Them! And yes, you can give copies to your friends as gifts.

So, here are a few things you need to know:

  • All coupons expire at midnight PST on Friday, February 16th.
  • All coupons are single-use and good for up to FIVE copies of Fantastic Dominants and Where to Find Them, if you’re looking to send them as gifts. Just click on the “Send as a gift” button and follow the onscreen directions as shown below. Doing it this way makes sure your copies get where you want them to be while helping me prevent piracy and maintain control of my intellectual property and hard work.
  • Smashwords Gift Button
  • Sorry, but I will not be able to replace lost or expired coupon codes.

As a final note, if you enjoy Fantastic Dominants and Where to Find Them, I’d really appreciate it if you could spare a few moments to leave a review. Writers truly do live and die by reviews, and I want Fantastic Dominants to deliver on everything it promises. So if it does, let the world know! If it doesn’t, PLEASE let me know!

Have a great after-Valentine’s Day, and thanks in advance for playing along!

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