#MasturbationMonday: Pretty Kitten



In some dim, far-off recess of my brain, I heard Brenda, but the words on the computer monitor held the lion’s share of my attention.


A light but insistent series of thumps against my leg signaled she was losing patience and wanted attention. Shaken out of my screen-induced trance, I smiled. She could wait a little longer for me to notice her. It was all part of the game.


A firmer bump and the plaintive annoyance in her tone hinted Brenda was not just after play, but a little discipline as well.

Swiveling away from the desk, I composed my face into the most menacingly blank visage I could muster and steepled my fingers as I studied Brenda. I had to admit, my lover was looking damned adorable, and it took everything I had to keep myself from smiling.

She crouched before me, face up, her pert little mouth screwed up in a moue of irritation. Her only attire consisted of a tabby-patterned tail attached to a butt plug and a headband adorned with ears to match the tail, with a slender collar and dainty little tag at her throat. Otherwise, she was naked as the day she hatched, her dark hair piled up softly around her shoulders and neck, her breasts hanging down in a way I found most enticing. Her collar tinkled slightly as she swayed from side to side, wriggling her adorable little rump and meowing just like the kitten she was channeling at the moment.

“What’s the matter, kitten?”

“MEOW!” She brought her hands up the front of my legs to just below my crotch, which reacted in the archetypical masculine manner.

“Is kitten hungry?”

“Mrrrrrooooowwwwww,” she growled, visibly fighting the urge to nod.

Her training was progressing remarkably well, but she still sometimes stumbled when her natural inclination toward human mannerisms and communication styles conflicted with her desire to get out of a human mindset and into the simpler, less complicated mind of an animal. I noted the lapse, but duked her a couple of mental points for correcting herself before the slip proceeded from subtle to overt. Pet play offers unique challenges and rewards, but on balance, the enjoyment and pleasure far outweighed the occasional difficulties.

“Do you want some food?”

“MROW!” Sharp. A feline no.

“Do you want skritches?”

“MROW!” A swift swat at my upper thigh from her curled “paw” accompanied the denial.

I pretended to think for a moment. Of course I knew what she craved, and had every intention of making sure she got it. But before I gave it to her, I had to tease her a little.

“How about your toys?” I had acquired a number of inexpensive cat toys such as laser pointers, feather balls on sticks and even a rubber mouse, in addition to toys designed for human use. Working through the list built her frustration and need, and made the ultimate satisfaction of her desires all the sweeter.


“Do you want…this?” I asked, waving my hand vaguely over the hardness tenting the front of my jeans.

In answer, she nuzzled my leg and simulated purring.

“You want my hard cock?”

She butted my leg with her head and rubbed upward, playing her role to perfection.

“Does kitten want some cream?”

Shimmying up my body, she placed her pretty face right over my crotch and rubbed her cheek against it, prompting a hard, twitching response as my nerve endings reacted to her heat and proximity. I scratched her head behind her simulated ears and she rewarded me by pressing herself even closer to me.

I tapped the index finger of my free hand against my chin thoughtfully.

“Does kitten deserve my cream?”

She looked up into my eyes, her face pleading. “Meeeeeeoooooowwwwww.”

“All right, kitten. You can have what you want.”

Her face lit up in a smile and she began rubbing against me again. The little vixen was damned good at teasing me, exerting just the right amount of pressure to maintain my erection. I reached down, stroking my fingers lightly down her cheek as I moved past her to the fly of my jeans. She sagged against me, giving me room to maneuver but keeping close enough to maintain contact with my body.

With only the minimum amount of caution necessary to ensure I didn’t damage sensitive bits and pieces of my anatomy, I pulled down my zipper and adjusted the waistband of my briefs so the head of my cock could poke through. With another, louder volley of simulated purring, Brenda bowed her head and began to lap her way around the shaft with quick little stabs of her pointed tongue, punctuated with long, slow licks.

I moaned and placed my hand on her head, lightly stroking her hair while enjoying the effect of her talented tongue on my cock. She answered with a light chirrup of joy and delved down deeper, massaging my balls and the base of my dick, adding gentle pecks to her repertoire of movements. It wasn’t a strictly feline mannerism, but it felt damned amazing and I decided discretion was the better part of valor.

She pulled back and mewed three times in quick succession, her signal for permission to break character and return to human mannerisms and speech. I raised an eyebrow, but nodded.

“Sir, will you cum for me?”

“Where do you want it, kitten?”

Her lips curled up into a lazily seductive grin.

“In my mouth, Sir.”

I leaned back and splayed my legs, giving her better access to my groin. Without pause, she moved forward, taking me deep into her hot, wet mouth. She pushed in deep, taking me all the way to the base and swallowing hard before pulling back with an appreciative smack of her lips.

“Mmm. You taste so good, Sir.”

I shivered as she took me again, devouring my cock like it was the most delicious chocolate ever as she thrust herself up and down on it. For several long minutes the only sounds in the room were my occasional moans and gasps, accompanied by the light slurping and sucking sounds of her skillful attack on my manhood. Then she pulled away again. A shy, fragile look of mingled desire and fear flickered over her face.


“Yes, kitten?”

“I–I want to try something new.”

“What’s that?”

She squirmed and wriggled a little, looking so damned cute and lost I wanted to take her in my arms and tell her whatever it was, it was okay.

“I want you to fuck my mouth.”


She grimaced. “No, you don’t understand. I want to lie down on the couch and have you use my mouth until you cum.”

This surprised me. She wasn’t hugely into oral sex to begin with, and had always preferred to have control of the festivities, so to speak, because of some bad experiences. The trust she was showing by offering this to me humbled and aroused me in equal measure.

“Are you sure, kitten?”

“Yes, Sir.” She cast her eyes downward, then looked up and swallowed. “I want you to make me your whore.”

The magic words.

Without any wasted motion, I surged to my feet, scooped her up and carried her to the couch so her neck was propped up by the throw pillow and her head rested on the arm of the sofa. Positioning myself just over her head, I pressed the head of my cock against her lips, which parted readily for me. I reached forward and began to massage her breasts, tweaking the perky nipples and manhandling the soft mounds gently as she accepted me into her mouth. She moaned around my cock and I moved one hand down to stroke the wet little crevice between her legs, drawing a shudder of joy from her and causing her to suck harder.

I fucked in and out of her mouth, working at her smooth little clit, every motion of hers making me press harder on her and every touch of mine making her take me deeper.

Time lost all meaning as we pleasured each other, her mouth doing things I didn’t even know were possible to my cock and my fingers bringing her to climax after climax. Two bodies became one, an Ourobouros devouring itself as it surrounded and became the entire universe in our cozy little den.

Finally, I felt the first stirrings of my orgasm beginning to boil inside my balls.

“I’m going to cum, kitten.”

She pulled away long enough to groan, “I know, Sir. I want it. Please…please give it to me! I want to swallow your hot cum!” Then she pushed back against me, arching herself so my entire length slid into her throat. I rolled my hips back and then forward again, thrusting against her without restraint. If she needed me to stop, she would let me know, and I trusted her to do exactly that. If she wanted my cum, she was going to get it, and she accepted every inch of me as I used her face for my own satisfaction.

“Here it comes, kitten. Are you ready?”

She nodded, a very interesting sensation with my cock in her mouth, and began to suckle more greedily than before. I doubled down on her pretty little cunt, working her to another climax and trying to time it so we exploded as one as my hips began to jerk and spasm.

“AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!” My eruption caught me almost completely by surprise. As I came, she whimpered and gulped, taking every drop of my essence into her and demanding more even as her hips rose off the couch, slamming against my hand, rubbing her clit into me in a very feline motion. She swallowed and licked and panted as my spasms began to subside, making sure she got everything I had to offer.

Finally she pulled away, heaving a great, contented sigh.

“Sir, can I have some petting now?”

I smiled and moved away so she could get off the couch, crouching on the rug, waiting for me to sit down. As soon as I did, she crawled up into my lap and curled against me, purring as I ran my fingers down her body. The feel of her soft skin against my fingers intoxicated me, and I caressed her until her body relaxed against me and the light purrs became soft snores.

“I love you, kitten,” I whispered, pulling the afghan off the back of the couch and draping it over her. Across the room, my computer beckoned me back to work, but I ignored its siren song.

I was fine where I was, petting my pretty little kitten while she slept.

(c) 2017 J.S. Wayne. All Rights Reserved.





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