#MasturbationMonday: Playing House


“So, you’ve got plenty of groceries and a little pin money in case you want to order in.” Serissa stepped toward Kelli and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. “Make yourself at home. I mean that. Anything you want to use, consider it yours. You’re not going to sleep on the couch, are you? The bed in the master bedroom is much more comfortable.” A wicked little smile flicked across her face.

“I’ll be fine, Serissa. Don’t worry about me.” Kelli grinned at her friend and held up her housekey and phone.

“Oh, I’m not. I just wish you hadn’t had to come now.”

“No need to worry about that. Nate understands.” It was true. The timing of her budding romance intersecting with this trip was unfortunate, but Nate had promised her a homecoming night to remember. Just the thought of what he might choose to do to her made places she hadn’t even known she had places a week before clench up with anticipation.

“I’ve got to run if I’m going to make my flight.” Serissa gave Kelli another quick kiss and opened the car door, getting herself situated on the leather seat. “I’ll call you when I get in.”

“I’ll make sure I’m available,” Kelli promised. “Have a safe trip, Seri!”

As her childhood friend put the sleek little sedan into gear and drove off around the circular driveway, Kelli waved. Once the car disappeared out of sight, she turned and sauntered into the house. If she’d been a cat, her tail would be up and her ears high. Although she didn’t relish being away from Nate for so long, she knew he’d be keen to make up for lost time.

And other things, she thought, a tiny, secretive smile quirking her lips upward as she reflected on what “other things” might entail.

Stopping in the kitchen, large enough to swallow her condo’s postage stamp-sized kitchenette without a burp, she poured herself a tumbler of fruit juice cocktail. Taking a sip of the tart, sweet beverage, she decided to make a solo circuit of her temporary domain.

Her old college roommate and erstwhile lover had done well for herself. The house was large enough to properly be called a mansion, with an open, airy floor plan and closets the size of her bedroom and Jack-and-Jill bathroom combined at home. Tasteful Mediterranean and Southwestern decor jostled with Art Deco in a way which should have induced visual nausea, but somehow managed to coincide in harmony. Likewise, the furnishings were a skillful blend of masculine and feminine influences, reflecting both Serissa’s personality and that of her architect husband, Niko.

Mounting the stairs, she wandered around the second level, admiring the objets d’art and the way two such seemingly disparate people managed to make their house a home and haven for both of them. Each had their own home office, a tiny little oasis of their own where the other’s sensibilities did not intrude. Serissa’s smelled lightly of vanilla and freshly milled textiles, while Niko’s smelled like leather, musk and drafting paper. She found both equally delicious, for different reasons, but decided the scents suited each of them perfectly.

So, let’s check out the bedroom.

Heavy blackout curtains made the room so dark even the dim light from the hallway seemed to have difficulty penetrating it. She groped on the wall with her free hand and finally found a round dial.

A rheostat. Nice.

Turning the dial slowly to the right caused the heavy wrought-iron chandelier in the exact center of the room to glow. As it brightened, she took in the scene before her, stunned.

For starters, the room was huge, taking up fully a third of the upstairs. The walls were festooned with pictures of women in various submissive poses.

No, she realized, not of women. Of woman.

The woman in all the pictures was Serissa, in outfits ranging from girlish to nothing at all. In one she waved a pair of pom-poms. In another, she faced the camera, head down, wearing nothing but a length of black rope tied into a harness which reminded her of an inverted pentagram. In a third, she wore mangled fishnets, hands behind her head and her hips thrust forward, her shaven pussy pouting playfully at the camera. In a fourth, she bent over at the waist, revealing a series of angry red lines.

On the east wall, directly across from where she stood, crouched a dark lacquered armoire. On the north wall, side-on to the door, a beautifully polished black bed held pride of place. Its thick posts supported a canopy of deep purple velvet, while on the bed itself, a black comforter with gray and purple zigzags covered the purple satin sheets. Loops and whorls of metal stuck out at oddly symmetrical intervals, and after a moment she realized the posts actually opened outward, the interiors studded with more of them.

Pursing her lips, she walked around the bed, noting the gratuitous number of drawers set into the base of the bedstead. Oddly, at the front of the bed, she noticed a black metal grate right in the center of the frame, between the ranks of drawers down the sides. But the whole picture didn’t fully come together for her until she spied, on the other side of the bed about three quarters of the way down the frame, a black leather cuff of some sort dangling from the bed by a doubled length of stout-looking purple rope.

Her breath caught.

Parts south began to moisten as she considered what Nate would think of such a bed.

She had suspected for a while that Serissa and Niko were into kink, but she’d never dared to ask. Now she knew for certain, and given her own recent acceptance of Nate’s dominance over her, she ached for his touch here, in this room. She didn’t care if he was cruel. She didn’t care how he used her body. She just needed him to use her, to make her his whore all over again, to claim and bend her to his will as he had done so elegantly just a few days before.

A devilish thought occurred to her. Producing her phone from the hip pocket of her shorts, she clicked off a dozen quick shots of the bed and its details to email to Nate later. Then she stripped off her clothing, moving quickly, without wasted motion, and ran a hand over her body. She gasped as her finger glided over her most sensitive places, smiling at the incredible sharp sweetness of the sensation.

Five days and a continent ago, she had been the nearest possible thing to a virgin. Then Nate had showed up and seduced her, showing her pleasures she couldn’t even have conceived of. Now that her sex drive had been awakened, it roared for release, for pleasure, for her to make up for the time she’d lost. She wanted skin on skin, flesh within flesh, his teeth, tongue, lips, fingers and cock driving her to madness and beyond it over and over again, until she couldn’t bear the luscious torment anymore.

She angled the camera and snapped a picture of her bare, bubblegum-pink-tupped breasts, then tweaked the nipples, tugging and twisting them as he had done. The shock of pleasure and pain commingling shot electricity to the core of her cunt.

Lowering her hand, she smoothed her fingers lightly over her pubic bush, just barely touching her clit. It throbbed and hardened beneath the soft caress, and she aimed and clicked the camera again, this time giving the viewer a good look at the slick flesh peeking out between her nether lips.

With a low moan, she pressed a finger into her pussy, finding the spongy bit Nate had targeted so easily, and giving it a gentle rub. Her knees threatened to buckle, but she bit her lip and snapped another picture of her finger vanishing inside her body.

She stepped backward and rolled onto the bed. The mattress seemed too large even to be a California king, making her wonder if it wasn’t a custom job. This was a bed designed for full orgies, multiple writhing bodies, long, lazy days of lovemaking and hot, sultry nights where agony and ecstasy met and became one. The smooth fabric of the comforter whispered against her bare ass, and she squirmed as yet another sensation overrode her.

The only sound in the room was her own breathing.

“I miss you, Nate,” she whispered, pressing another finger into her seam. God, she was soaked! Looking down, she could see the fading, greenish-yellow bruises from where he’d bitten the insides of her thighs in his passion. She’d never thought of marks as erotic, but when they came from Nate, she lapped them up like a kitten with cream.

Spreading her legs almost to the point of pain, she clicked another picture aiming toward her mound, but this time taking care to let Nate see the marks he’d given her, her fingers buried between her thighs.

Experimentally, she slid her passion-slickened fingers down past her perineum to find her tight little rosebud. She’d never known how pleasurable having her anus played with could be until Nate gave her two mind-shattering orgasms with his fingers. Now she circled it with her soaked fingers, feeling the beautiful tension build in the pit of her stomach as she teased herself.

With the other hand, she positioned the phone and snapped another picture just as one finger slipped up her ass.

The sensation was unbearably erotic, and she laid the phone on the bed beside her, continuing to prod her backdoor as she maneuvered her other hand so she had two fingers inside her cunt and her thumb working her clit.

“Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh…uh…Uh…UH….OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING, NATE!”

She had to have imagined the whispered voice in her ear, heated and hungry. “No, little one. Not yet.”

Groaning, she stopped and clawed for the phone. Opening the Messages app, she tapped out a quick text.


Seconds passed. She began to idly tweak her nipples while the finger in her ass became two as she waited. Seconds became minutes. The tension crested once again…

A light chime signaled the arrival of a text. Kelli lunged for the phone like a lifeline, jamming her sticky thumb against the reader. The screen brightened.


She whimpered in frustration as she typed out her reply.


A long silence passed. Her chest heaved with thwarted need and hunger, and she began to rock her hips back and forth against her fingers, taking care not to move them. The sexy bastard was teasing her…and it was working, God damn him anyway!


She brought the glowing phone to her eyes.


She growled like a cat whose dinner is being threatened. “Please, Sir,” she whispered aloud. “God, please let me cum for you…”



“UuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHH!!!” She screamed, a full-throated, triumphant victory cry to Heaven as the orgasm blasted through her, immersing her in delicious fire and sending her senses into overload. Her entire body, from the tips of her hair to the pads of her toes, seemed to unite in an explosive eruption of pleasure. She was dimly aware of her hips thrusting up and down against the air, imagining it was Nate turning her body and soul inside it, almost feeling the hot length of him up her cunt and his clever fingers teasing her ass. Over and over she came, unable to stop, unable to think of anything but her animal need, unable to do anything but ride the pleasure as far as it would go.

Finally, the last spasm subsided. She breathed in through her nose and out through her mouth several times to get her brain back online, then checked her phone.


She grinned. Setting the phone’s camera to video, she lifted her cum-soaked fingers to her lips, licking them clean as she cooed around them, “All for you, Sir.” Then she panned the camera up and down her body, letting it linger on her form, before she brought it back up to her face.

“I miss you, Sir.”

Opening her email, she attached the pictures and video and sent them before she could change her mind. Tapping out a quick message, she pressed Send and set the email winging on its way to the only place in the world she wanted to be right now.

Note: Picture will be added later this evening, so be sure to check back!


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