#MasturbationMonday: Naughty Girl


“Everything we’re about to do is consensual,” Desiree assured the elderly man behind the counter.

“Eh?” The man said halfheartedly.

“He’s going to be mean to me.” She turned to Warner and gave him a broad, bratty smile. “And I want him to.”

“Oh. Okay.” The clerk’s tone suggested he could give a rat’s ass one way or the other. He’d gotten the door fee and sold two bottles of water. What happened from there had exactly fuck-all to do with him.

“Thank you!” Desiree twirled away from the counter and laid a huge, wet smack right on Warner’s lips. “Are you ready, Sir?”

Warner brought his hand up Desiree’s back, sliding over the ripples of her shoulder blades and up the narrow column of the back of her neck, into the luscious thicket of blue-black hair. His fingers folded around the place where the crown and back of her head met, stroking gently and then suddenly folding into a bear trap of flesh, yanking her head sharply but carefully backward.

“Last chance to back out, pet. Once we pass through those doors, you know what time it is.”

She shivered with delight and a tiny prickle of horror-movie fear. Yes, she wanted this. Yes, she was ready for it. But knowing she had placed herself in the capable hands of a Sadist and Dominant like Warner still carried with it a frisson of fear mingled with a heavy flush of desire.

“I’m ready, Sir.”

Without relinquishing his hold on her hair, he turned her toward the theatre doors and applied a light forward pressure. She didn’t need a manual to read his intentions, but luxuriated in the feeling of being completely in his power. Opening the door, she held it long enough for him to step inside and catch the door with his shoulder before she continued into the dimness beyond.

On the screen, a buxom blonde and a light-skinned black women kissed and caressed each other all over while a reasonably well-hung white guy looked on and stroked his hard-on. As her eyes adjusted to the dim light, she realized that unlike a regular movie theatre, the seating consisted of a number of sofas and recliners interspersed with a few larger, less obvious and more ominous-looking odds and ends of furniture. She also noted a number of masculine shadows lurking about, sprawled on couches or huddled close to walls, singly or in groups of two and three.

She didn’t care. Sir had his hand on her, guiding her through the musky darkness. The theatre smelled of stale sweat, the lingering ghosts of women’s passion and men’s semen hanging in the air beneath the sharper overtone of cleaning chemicals, pine and bleach. Between the moans from the screen and the sensory overload of being touched and directed where Warner willed her to be, she felt her nipples growing hard and her pussy (Cunt! My cunt! I have to remember to call it that for him…) getting even wetter, if that was remotely possible after the way the sexy bastard had teased her for the last three hours on the train up here.

With the unerring precision of a laser-guided missile, he steered her around obstacles and men with equal aplomb, bringing her in short order to stand in front of the vinyl-covered table at the front of the theater.

“Put the sheet on the table,” he snapped, relinquishing his hold and maneuvering the wheeled toybag so it would be safely out of the flow of traffic as she spread the clean sheet out and then tucked it down as best she could. Then he began to inspect the table, pressing his palms down flat on the upper surface and bearing down on it with his full weight. He squatted to study the legs, his hands tracing over protrusions she could only just make out in the dimness. The smirk on his face, though, needed no explanation. Whatever his eyes and fingers had found there, he was well pleased.

Using only his legs, he rose to his full height and stalked over to her, claiming her mouth in a hard, hot kiss. She mewled and curled in closer, offering herself fully to him. His hands came down on her hips, yanking her closer so she could feel his hardness.

Oh God, I hope he uses that thing on me! I’ve got to be a good girl so he will… As difficult as it was to smile while kissing and being kissed with such abandon, she managed it.

Finally he pulled away, still close enough for her to feel his breath as he sank down in a squat, taking the hem of her sundress in his hands. With a swift upward motion, he ripped the dress over her head, leaving her nude except for her threadbare white panties.

She didn’t care.

She loved knowing he wanted to see her this way, to show off what she had chosen to give to him, to flaunt her body in front of these other men and allow them to look all they liked but not touch his toy. She felt no fear under the heated gazes of the men, because she trusted Warner to keep them at bay and that if one of them did somehow manage to lay a hand on her, he would remove the offending appendage at the shoulder.

Warner put a hand on her shoulder and one on her cotton-clad butt.

“Bend over, pet.”

She did so, placing her right cheek against the sheet. Her own scent wafted up to her nose, musky and bright, as he took the side seam of her undies in both hands and ripped it apart with an abrupt tug. Gasping, she pressed her face lower and raised up on the balls of her feet, offering him a better view of her ass as he moved to the other side and repeated the process. The fabric parted like wet tissue paper under his assault, and she shuddered as he whipped the ruined panties from between her legs like a captured enemy flag, the soft material sawing against her overheated clit and forcing her to bite her lip in a desperate bid not to cum right then and there.

He placed a hand on her exposed buttock, caressing her skin as if stroking a particularly soft kitten. She moaned and leaned into his possessive touch, accepting his claim on her body without question, savoring the heat of his skin against hers and the security and safety flooding her being along with the happy chemicals sizzling in her blood and tugging at every nerve in her body, which seemed to all meet in a single nexus between her thighs.


The sound met her ears a fraction of a second before the pain of the smack and the pressure of the impact registered. Her vagina clenched in pleasure even as her left buttock stung with pain.


Right cheek.


Left, right, left right.




She couldn’t keep track, and didn’t care to. The warmth spreading in concentric pebble rings outward from the various points of impact was too overwhelming, too overpowering. With a sigh, she surrended to the spanking, her body relaxing into a contented puddle as his skilled hands drummed an intricate rhythm, writing his presence onto her flesh.

The sharp smacks stopped as abruptly as they had begun. In their place, warm fingers found the weeping slit between her spread thighs, stroking from her clit downward and then dipping inside. They brushed against the special place within her, coaxing a gasp from her lips and ratcheting her opening closed around Warner’s blunt intrusion as her body desperately tried to hold him. But he escaped, retracing his movements backwards before repeating his forward progress.

Oh God mustnt cum mustnt cum musOH SWEET JESUS I CAN’T HOLD IT

She shrieked and shuddered as the hours and days of hot, hungry need built to a titanic crescendo. She couldn’t stop it any more than she could hold back the sunrise, and didn’t care to. Even knowing he would give her further discipline for daring to reach her climax without his word, she allowed herself to let his clever touch bring her to the peak and then over it, tumbling down the slope as one crest subsided only to bring a higher, sharper, harder one.

Bucking against his hand, she let herself go, riding . The men around her, now openly stroking themselves as Warner brought her again and again, faded into nothingness. Her whole world narrowed to one singular point consisting of his fingers, her release and this new thing they had created together.

Finally, with one last triumphant cry, she deflated against him, trusting his body to keep her more or less upright. Dimly she heard him say, “A little space, guys.” She wasn’t concerned. Knowing he was just getting started with her, and the plans he had for her body, consumed her thoughts, allowing no room for external matters.

“Naughty girl, cumming all over my fingers like the sweet little whore you are,” he whispered, his lips pressed against her ear, sending renewed thrills scintillating through her.

Before the day was over, she would be marked, claimed and fucked.

But now, in this moment, she was quite content with what her Sir had chosen to give her.

Lesson Learned

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