Saturday Thoughts: The Upside Of Being The “Bad Guy”

When I was a kid, I freaked my mom out with clockwork regularity.

See, I grew up in the 80s.

And, sorry/not sorry, Millennials…but the 80s OWNED the best cartoon villains.


And, lest we forget:


And Millennials have…


Okay. So, let’s get serious here and not even TRY to pretend there’s a freaking contest, aight? Better theme songs, better symbols, better colors…superior in every possible dimension except acting like the grumpy old asshole neighbor who cares more about his lawn than your fun and wants you to turn down your music and PULL UP YOUR DAMN PANTS!

So, yeah, I liked the villains. Cooler colors, they turned into guns and jets and had skull faces, THEY ATE FREAKING PLANETS and were generally badass. Sure, they always lost because the good guys (almost) always had better plot armor…

Prime Dies
The exception to the rule.

…but they definitely had the swagger.

And the fear factor.

And the “practice dying, I’ll be right with you” factor.

To my current bemusement, I spent a lot of time trying to be “the good guy.” I didn’t want to be the guy who used “bad words.” I sure as hell didn’t want to be the guy who enjoyed hitting women who enjoyed being hit. Hell, for years I was afraid to lay out a decent spanking!

Now, there were reasons for this. I have anger management issues. I believe the best possible response to any problem involves overwhelming firepower, preferably in a bigger caliber and with a faster cyclic rate than your enemy is even capable of creating. My reasoned, measured and mature response to seeing a spider is to call in an airstrike on it and the entire square mile around it.

So letting my wolf off the leash, or even out of its cage, struck me as being a supremely dangerous, to say nothing of stupid, thing to do.

But there’s an irony in what happened when I finally let it loose.

I became a better person.

Harder, yes, as the former leadership of Noble Romance Publishing learned after playing one too many games with their authors. Colder, as a number of would-be subs who weren’t up to scratch can attest. Less willing to put up with bullshit, as a small army of customer service reps, managers and minions could tell you. Scarier, as any of my current and former subs, slaves and play partners would be GLAD to speak on.

In these regards, I became the perfect villain.

Now, here’s the shocking part.

I also became more empathetic. A better listener. A stronger, kinder, wiser and more intuitive mate, leader and human being. I found my power.

I found my voice again.

And I’m damned well going to use it.

  • For those who don’t have a voice.
  • For those who haven’t learned to let their wolves out.
  • For those who need to believe that they can live their dreams without fear.


Being the bad guy does have an upside sometimes, even if it’s hard to see sometimes.

Be sure to tune in for #MasturbationMonday, and thanks for listening to me ramble!

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