Intolerance and Social Media

This post contains language including racial, ethnic and sexist slurs which some readers may find triggering. Please take them in the context presented and NOT as a reflection of the author’s views, beliefs or personal feelings about such matters.

If you read Thursday’s post, you already have some inkling of what’s coming. Just on the off chance you missed it, here’s a handy link so you can see what I’m up to before you deccide whether to read further and risk getting your feelers hurt. Although, it’s pretty good odds that if you’re here, you probably have at least some idea of what you’re getting yourself into. S’aight? S’aight!

So, I know this post is dropping late. Usually, I like to put out my posts at 9:01PM PST, so they drop on the East Coast at one minute past midnight. A combination of lack of sleep and no inspiration for what to write about prevented that, but after a good night’s sleep and a bad morning on Facebook, I know exactly what I want to talk about today.

I don’t do intolerance.

Let me explain that.

Social media is a useful tool. It connects me to potential readers and greatly expands my reach and audience base. This is cool in light of my #MasturbationMonday post this week, which got more views in a DAY than my entire site has had since it has been up! That makes me happy.

What doesn’t make me happy is the darker side of social media.

See, people don’t seem to realize that when you voice an opinion on the Internet, there’s a name attached to it somewhere. Even Quora, which has a limited anonymity feature, knows who’s posting what. And some of the things people post are downright cringey.

This morning, I was surfing my Facebook feed while in the bathtub. (Yes, I take baths. No, I don’t think it says anything about my manhood, masculinity or anything else. Baths are relaxing to me.) I came across a series of ultra-conservative posts from a certain individual in my feed, whom I became friends with through a couple of online slot game groups in which I participate.

And I had to do a double-take.

Her feed was full of colorful, salty and abusive phrases like “nappy-haired nigger,” “cunt,” “faggot” and similar sentiments which usually translate as, “Not exactly like my middle-class, Caucasian, heterosexual, cisgender, English-speaking, God-fearing self.” So, okay, obviously she has an opinion. Problem is, her opinion was slopping over into my feed.

Now, here’s the thing. I don’t find words themselves objectionable IN PROPER CONTEXT! When I sing a rap song at karaoke, and it has the word “nigga” in it, I SING THAT SHIT! Why? Because that’s how the artist wrote it and intended for it to be performed. I’m not going to shit all over their work by singing it while trying to stay on the right side of the PC line as well. Those who know me know perfectly well how I feel about this, and don’t seem to mind. Those who don’t might get some inaccurate ideas about me, but that’s a them problem, not a me problem.

So I don’t usually get too worked up about someone using a “bad word.” Hell, in some of my social circles, we use racial epithets amongst ourselves as a term of endearment. Because it is a consensual usage which is understood by all sides to be nothing more than mocking stereotypes and honoring our friendship, it’s just not a big thing. But let an outsider try that shit and the result looks something like this:

pulp fiction

Likewise, I know a couple in the Portland kink scene. He’s white and Jewish, she’s black. Their kink is for him to dress up in a replica Nazi officer’s uniform and beat her while calling her a nigger cunt. Outside of a scene, he’s incredibly loving, caring and respectful of her, and she’s a highly intelligent and educated woman who’s also got more than enough ovaries to take the head off someone who did that without being her Dominant. (Obviously, I call her by her name and ask how her master’s dissertation is going.) They get off on race play, which isn’t my kink, but if that’s your thing, then hey, do you, Boo-boo.

Hopefully this illustrates the difference between a consensual and agreed-upon usage of such words and what I saw in my feed today. This wasn’t consensual. It wasn’t a playful mockery of stereotypes amongst friends. It wasn’t a joke, poking fun or intended to do anything at all but “Other” people who didn’t look, think, speak, act or believe exactly the way she does.

This said, in no uncertain terms, “I am by definition and right superior to the people of whom I am speaking.”

The reason I hate social media is that the algorithms are arranged to track what you view…and show you more of it. This can be a great thing when I’m looking for more information on something I saw on Kink Academy. It’s awesome when I find a new writer or kinkster whose ideas and topics of conversation interest me. But it’s not nearly as cool when you suddenly find yourself up to your neck in a cesspool of vileness even Donald Trump wouldn’t want to wade through.

So, after about five minutes, one INCREDIBLY homophobic video and WAY too many slams and slurs on Muslims, blacks, gay people, transgender people, etc., I had absolutely had enough. Unfriended, blocked and go fuck yourself and your racist bullshit, howboutdat? Then I posted this.

Jericho Wayne is feeling pissed off.

Another Facebook friend falls. If you espouse intolerance, homo/transphobia, bigotry, racism or just outright stupidity, PLEASE unfriend me and save me the fucking bother.

Within 60 seconds after I posted this, Sparrow called me to ask what was wrong. I explained the situation and she said, “Oh. Okay.” So all’s well that ends well, except…it’s really not.

The other weird thing about social media is that people seem to think they have the right to an audience. Or perhaps that’s not correct. Maybe it’s more accurate to say they think they have the right to voice an opinion without consequences. They conflate the idea of freedom of speech with the idea of the right to say whatever they like without any cost or backlash to them.

In this post, I’ve used some language that, in general, most people just don’t say casually to just any old body. I understand this post may cost me some followers on social media, or even result in some unpleasant things being said about me. (Liberal cuck, anyone? Actually I’m a libertarian, thanks.) I accept that my speech carries with it a range of possible outcomes, from “I like what this guy has to say,” to outraged shrieks and screams about how I’m a traitor to my race (whatever), my gender (meh) and humanity as a whole (You just keep right on thinking that, Chuckles).

XKCD actually did an excellent and thought-provoking web comic about this, and since the creator was nice enough to offer a Creative Commons attribution license, I present it here for your perusal. However, since I want that to be the end of this post and send it out on a high note, let me say this first.

I don’t hate Christians. I hate assholes who wake me up at 6am to ask me if I’ve found Jesus. See below.

I don’t hate Muslims. I hate assholes who persecute, torture and kill other innocent people because they don’t think, act, look, dress or believe as they do. (Pay attention, Christians. Your collective hands aren’t exactly clean as a whistle either.)

I don’t hate black people. I hate assholes who shoot up city blocks and don’t care who gets hurt.

I don’t hate white people. I hate assholes who think the color of their skin makes them more special, more intelligent, more capable or somehow better than anyone else. Same goes for you, black, brown, yellow, red and seafoam-green-with-orange-polkadots people.

I don’t much like people, but I don’t hate them. Individuals, PERSONS, are okay, but people in general? I personally think evolution made a couple of really wrong turns when it came to Homo sapiens.

But I hate, loathe and despise assholes and have no time for them or their ranting. I don’t do intolerance and won’t tolerate intolerant people in my life or my social media feed.

You can have your freedom of speech. I’ll exercise my freedom to not have to listen to it, just like you can if you don’t like what I have to say.

Funny how that works, innit?

Tune in tomorrow, when we’ll be taking the worldbuilding rules I talked about yesterday and applying them to an actual scene! Until then, have fun, stay kinky, and if you like this comic, please click on it and visit the home site. Lots of good stuff on there!


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