Scheduling, Scheming, Planning and Plotting

I’ve written quite a bit in the last week about things which are important to me, and I hope to you as well, gentle reader. But I notice one thing I’ve written fairly little about so far is the act of WRITING, which is (I hope) at least one of the reasons you’re here.

And no, today’s post isn’t really about writing, either. It’s more to let you know I’ve noticed a deficiency in my little corner of the Internet and I do plan to correct it. So, here’s what I’ve come up with as a working schedule for posting. Understand this is only a broad outline and I may change things up as current events, breaking news or my own whims move me, inspire me or piss me off.

Sunday: No posts planned. I need a day off too!

Monday: #MasturbationMonday. I’ll be posting original vignettes or scenes from WIP and previously-released material for your viewing (and other!) pleasure.

Tuesday: The craft of writing. I’ll talk about everything from world-building to how to write a great sex scene.

Wednesday: Political matters. I may decide to write about feminism, LGBT matters from an ally’s perspective, new laws which may impact sexual freedom in the United States or similar topics.

Thursday: The art of writing. How to “keep the poetry and lose the prose,” as my friend and former editor Bryl R. Tyne once put it.

Friday: #FetishFriday. I’ll be looking at the art and craft of kink on a more in-depth level, including the act, psychology and potential consequences of various fetishes, paraphilias and activities.

Saturday: Open field. On Saturdays, I’ll be writing about whatever I damned well please. I promise whatever it is, it’s going to be fun, so be sure to tune in!

If you have any suggestions, comments or things you want me to write about specifically, please leave a comment or shoot me an email at If you would be interested in guest posting here, I welcome authors from the romance, erotica, SF/F and horror genres, as well as educators and participants in the kink lifestyle.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow, when I talk about one of the things that irks me the most about (too many) Dominants in the BDSM lifestyle, and my thoughts on why you should NEVER take my or anyone else’s word for ANYTHING sight unseen!

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